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How to Use Bootstrap Framework Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

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The World most popular HTML, CSS, JS front-end compatibility library which also build responsive, mobile-first websites. Bootstrap has complete open source toolkit so it is easy to download free and use. The of designing and developing website framework changed by Bootstrap. Rapidly model your thoughts or fabricate your whole application with our Backtalk factors and mixins, responsive lattice framework, broad prebuilt parts, and effective modules based on jQuery. It also gives you the ability to easily create responsive designs so I shared with you video tutorial How to Use Bootstrap Framework Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi. The purpose of designing responsive websites design is to create sites which can adjust automatically their look good on any device.How to Use Bootstrap Framework Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

Bootstrap Introduction & History

Bootstrap was released by a Twitter developer with the name Twitter BluePrint by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton in August 2011 on GitHub. And just after 3 years in June 2014 Bootstrap become the No.1 project on GitHub!  The working version of Bootstrap released in 2013 and now, they are going to released very exciting an most popular version named as “Bootstrap 4.0”. Some of the Advantages of Bootstrap are:

  • Easy to use: Everybody who has knowledge about HTML and CSS can work with Bootstrap
  • Responsive features: Bootstrap’s responsive CSS adjusts to phones, tablets, and desktops
  • Mobile-first approach: In Bootstrap 3, mobile-first styles are part of the core framework
  • Browser compatibility: Bootstrap is also compatible with modern browsers like Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

How to Use Bootstrap Framework Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

This course has 6 Videos tutorial on Bootstrap in Urdu/Hindi, in which you will learn all the basics of Bootstrap. Also, you can learn that how you create real-life projects like Content Management System and Sites. The course teaches you to create a practical Portfolio Site using Bootstrap and after that, you easily design any type of responsive sites.

So here is a video lecture for this course you can see below. You have to click just play button rest of all videos play automatically.

After watching this beginner guide for Bootstrap I hope you like to work with it.  If you want to download and practice with Bootstrap then just click the below link for more details.
Download Free Bootstrap Now

Note: In Future Our courses will be about PHP OOP, Codeiginter Framework and Laravel framework. Keep in Touch.

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