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How To Use InPage 2012 Professional Complete Course in Urdu / Hindi

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This course let you know that How to use InPage 2012 Professional Completely in Urdu / Hindi. I will try to give you basic and advance knowledge of using Urdu InPage 2012. This course covers these areas of the software as to how to download a registered InPage software. Definition, page layout setting, properties of Inpage, the basic setting of the keyboard.

As most of the people start writing after installing as keys mention on the keyboard. How you can insert and title box and title text box. Importing and exporting the writing and purpose of import and export. How to insert this writing into other designing software as Photoshop and Corel Draw etc. To keep all these difficulties in mind that a new learner/user face to use it and need to know so I am publishing this  InPage 2012 Professional Complete Course in Urdu / Hindi.inpage-professional-2012

What are the best features in Inpage 2012?

Today every software application has many goods tools and as all of the other software Urdu InPage, 2012 have several good tools that make it easy to use for beginners. These are tools make it attractive and different from another version of Urdu InPage 2012. There are two another good tools that are TextBox and Title Box where you can write anything and then you can export them to MS Office and other application where you need to insert. You can insert a table, make a sheet, insert pictures, you can write Arabic also very easily. Here just I can tell you the names of these tools but if want to use them then you have to see complete videos tutorial. So you can easily handle then while using the application.Video Tutorial you find at the end of this post, where simply you click and watch one by one video as I upload in sequence.InPage 2012 Professional Complete Cou


How To Use InPage 2012 Professional Complete Course in Urdu / Hindi | Is It Completed

If you thinking about the question then I tell you that Inpage is very easy and small writing software. It was initially lunch in 2000 and till now its doest change its major function that creates a problem for the user. So if you watch this tutorial then you don’t need to upgrade your knowledge about it in future. As its a complete solution for the user so programmer no need to import it make a change in it. So here you just watch these 16 Videos tutorial to know the use of Urdu inPage 2012 Completely.

I am very happy to share this knowledge on my this site. I will try to publish more new content which helps you in your life and makes you happy, but also to another reader of my page and site. Simple is that you have to stay connected with us by following.

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