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How to Make Smart Investments in Crypto-Currency Digital Currency

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In the post that you are looking now, it seems that you are interested in investing digital currencies.  It not only you but the craze of investing in DC is all over the world. Whenever anyone listens he also wants to have a digital asset like these digital currencies.  Probably Virtual or digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have more demand to invest in them. These permanent and replaceable cryptographic token guarantee to end up noticeably a hard and non-manipulatable cash for the entire world. Therefore, I decided to share a video tutorial on this topic How to Make Smart Investments in Crypto-Currency Digital Currency through my this post so that you can easily understand that How to Make Smart Investments in Crypto-Currency Digital Currency before going to invest in digital currency.


Before we start (Disclaimer)

It’s better to tell you that I am not a Financial advisor. So the purpose of this post to just guide you about invest in CryptoCurrency. Here only I share my experience about digital currency and also in a video you let know how and what is the best way to invest in any digital Currency. So you and only you are responsible for your act either you get loss or profit.

When you think to start a business there is always a factor which is known as Risk. So there is also a risk in Investing with Bitcoin and Crypto-currencies. Secondly also remember that there is a lot of chances to earn a lot of money from it. Here a sentence comes to my mind that someone says that if you want to start your business always invest 10% of your saving in it. If you gain then you can invest more otherwise loss not affect you but you get an experience.

How to Invest in Bitcoin?

As of today 20-01-2018, Bitcoin’s value is $12400USD). It means, if you are thinking to invest in Bitcoin for the big result then you should have a lot of money in hand as an investment. For example, if you have $10,000 to $100,000 in your hands, then sure your best option to invest in Crypto Currency is Bitcoins. For low capital investors such as less than $1000, I suggested them to investing in alternative coins (ALT coins). These coins now have low investment but soon increase their value in the market as Bitcoin increases day by day.

More details on how to make a smart investment in digital currency please read my this article and the video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.

How to Invest in Alternative Coins?

After the success of bitcoin (digital currency) here lot of other crypto-currency introduced in the market which we can call them Alternative Coins (Alt Coin). These Alt Coin are OneCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, Ripple, LeoCoin, and Dash. If you want to know about AltCoin list hen you have to visit this website:

In the above-mentioned site, you can check the value and growth rate of these Alt Coin in the market i.e. their total market capitalization, how many coins they have, their price in the market, how much user interaction with them and much more. To check the growth rate of the coins you may click on specific coin then see its last 2 or 3-month ratio of growth in the market.

For more details and searching for the specific coin which you want to invest. You just write a name of that particular Coin name in Google search engine. After searching you get information like “Bitcoin investment 2018” or “Ethereum investment 2018” or “Zcash investment 2018” and it’ll give you a list of forums and opinions about that. Here I like mentioned that you must use your own mind and thinking. Which coin has high value in the market and I get a lot of profit from it in future. So When you got some knowledge about it after searching on the internet then it easy to invest in it.

Where to Buy & Store Coins?

Purchasing Bitcoin is very simple, and accessible in numerous stages. it’s additionally simple to store Bitcoins on various platforms. Maybe, Altcoins are difficult to purchase and store like bitcoins. But, I’ll give you answer for both the coins.

On the other side if you need to purchase Bitcoin with Mastercard at that point just go to the under-mentioned website called and you’ll have the capacity to purchase Bitcoin rapidly. Yet first, you have to transfer your records keeping in mind the end goal to confirm your account.

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

To purchase digital currency like bitcoin or Alt-Coins, just you have to visit an under-mentioned website called This is the location where you can easily purchase or sell you Crypto-Currency/digital coins without any difficulty. is the best website to buy digital currency with other coins which charge you a very low services charges. So I suggested you visit the link below to the website

So at the end of this post, I am going to share a video tutorial for you. It helps you to understand the Crypto-Currency / Digital Coins. Also, share the procedure of practically how I can buy and purchase the coin from Video briefed you everything on very details so I here requested you if you like my post and video tutorial please share with your friends and colleague.

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