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Eight Best Ways To Promote YouTube Videos For Higher Traffic

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Have you own a YouTube Channel and Upload videos on daily basis?

Creating of video take lot of time but it does not matter that how interested video you created. The main thing is how much visitor and viewer attracted by your videos. This only can happen if your video reaches the visitor or audience of youtube where you target your video.

Promoting of youtube videos is an art which you must learn from some expert and then you have to do the practice of that learning.

In this post, I shared the ways of targeting the audience and best viewers that can boost your video at top of the youtube page.

All tips mentioned this post can be your checklist when you are publishing your video. So be careful because now you are going to learn about the art of best YouTube publishing tools which promote YouTube Videos For Higher Traffic.

How To Promote A YouTube Video & Get More Views

In this post, I mentioned all basic tips as a subtopic; which a Youtuber must be adopted during uploading videos.

  1. Video Title

When you upload any video then the main factor in this video is Title of the Video. Because title can be shared and seen by all over the world on the internet when any user searches any video from video title. So if your keyword for the title is not selected well then it gets the small number of views.

So the better option is that you use keyword research so that you came to know that what the actual people are searching or want to watch on youtube.



Here are some ways to write the best video titles on YouTube:

  • The title should be short and to the point.
  • Use the current year like “Best Tips for 2018”.
  • Your Title should start with the keyword you choose.
  • Using of Power Word is very effective like “Amazing, Top, Crazy”
  • The headline title should be Capital. Use this tool for getting easy help.
  1. Video Tags

Most of the people don’t know that main factor of any video growth is “Tag”. When you learn that how I select the best tag for video then your video automatically push up. The reason for not growing videos views is tagging. Most people think that if they select once tag of the video they cannot change it. But it is not true you can change the tag of any video anytime to grow up your videos.

While Tagging your video you must follow these option in a correct way:

  • The first tag should be your channel brand name as shown in below image.(See below screenshot.)
  • Keywords are the main tag of your video.
  • You can also use the tag of that video wh have high-rank in the trending of youtube first page videos.
  • Use the TubeBuddy/Vid IQ Chrome extension to help you find tags used by others.


Always kept in mind that Video Tag is a major reason for any video ranking.

  1. Use A Custom Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the first impression of your video. So it must be good and attractive to the viewers. Most of the viewers are just visit the video due to its attractive thumbnail.

Your Thumbnails must have these properties:

  • Thumbnail has a resolution of 1280 x 720.
  • Thumbnails are in either.JPG, or.PNG.
  • Size of the thumbnail must be 2MB.
  • Name of the thumbnail should be the name of the video.

Watch this video tutorial for created attractive Thumbnail.

  1. Focus On Branding

Branding of video means that you not only attract the viewer to that particular video. Its impress him to visit your channel, so you need to display some video about your channel at the start and end of the video.

Its called “Intro of the Video” & ” outro of the video”

Both should be at least 5-6 sec lengthy so your viewer not bored. Basically, these are an invitation to your channel.

  1. Share Videos On Social Media Channels

Nowadays best option to promote your video is social media sites. First of all your channel have their own social media properties, so that you can easily share the video as you upload. Below the list of most emerging social media networks, where most of the people are busy and they want most of the information from here.

  • Channel named Facebook page
  • Channel Twitter profile
  • Google Plus ID
  • Instagram ID
  • LinkedIn ID
  1. Start A Blog On Your YouTube Channel

When you are full-time YouTuber then I suggest you that you must create a web blogger. it helps you to promote your videos on a regular base. Any video you are creating and uploading you must publish it on your blog.

TIP: Must share your video 10-15 time after uploading on your channel on different social media networks.

  1. Create A Playlist Or Add Video To An Existing Playlist

Creating of the playlist is very important to promote your existing video on the related topic. Whenever you creating a video you must add it to the relevant playlist. When any viewer comes to your video then automatically he hit your playlist according to you his needs.

Follow these steps while you are creating a playlist:

  • Unique and have the keyword in the title of the playlist.
  • Write some words for a playlist that why you created.
  • Same topic videos on the same list.
  • If you think then one video can be placed on many playlists.
  1. Use Calls To Action

Individuals via web-based networking media websites should be told about the activities you need them to take.

Toward the finish of the video, or even someplace in middle, ask watchers to like and visit your channel. At a similar time, you can request that they share the video with other people who may like to watch it.


Promote Your YouTube Videos And Get More Views

I hope in this post you must learn a lot of techniques that you do not apply before this. Most of the top Youtuber use these tactics and step to promote their videos.

I surely say that these ways of creating videos help you channel to the top of trending videos on youtube.After applying these tips you get a lot of traffic, views, and subscriber to your channel.


So the time starts with creating a video by using these tricks and then publishing on the channel. If you like my post and it helps you to get benefits from these tips I surely say that you share it with your friends and hope you don’t forget to join me on youtube!

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