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Camtasia Studio 8.0 Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

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Once again I like to share one more video course in Urdu/Hindi. The course is a complete detail of Camtasia Studio 8.0 Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi which is one of the most amazing video edit and recording tools for designers. Due to interesting use and special function, most of the user like to operate this software for video editing. So for a keen interest in this software most of the video producer like create a video tutorial on it. I already use it for last 1 year and so I get a lot of the interesting feature of this software myself. As a video producer, I always like to improve my video quality with the best feature of this software. Camtasia Studio makes it possible for me. As a user when I get a lot of experience and control of use then I thought that there must be a video tutorial for all the loving user of this amazing video editing software. The basic purpose of choosing a topic to share the essential use and how to use Camtasia Studio 8.0 with the given complete video tutorial.

Whenever a video producer needs to publish a video or voice recording, he must need a software which can do the best job for him. So I think if Camtasia is the best option for me them absolutely for you as well. When you looking for such software then you get a lot of option but I think you got it best from all. As my personal experience is so far very good and amazing to use Camtasia Studio.

Camtasia Studio 8 Urdu/Hindi Tutorials

What Features Camtasia has?

This video editing software is very easy to use if you want to record your screen. Record screen needed when you are creating a video tutorial for your visitor/learner on any topic. Moreover, it can record your clicks, your mouse movement, pause any video during working and start from the same point where you pause it when you come back to work.

When you work on making a video by Camtasia Record. Maybe possible there are a lot of mistakes in it. So after completion of video recording, you can easily edit your mistakes which occurred during recording. The main feature of editing a video in Camtasia Studio are:

  • Zooming the Video
  • Title adding
  • Insert Transition
  • Editing audio/sound
  • Mouse Setting
  • Cropping Video and much more.

One thing more I mention here that if you like to face to face recording then you must need a webcam. Its better option to you record face to face video recording by Camtasia Studio. You simply need to attach a webcam to your computer or laptop.

Some advance feature that Camtasia have are :

  • It can directly publish video on internet
  • Creating high-quality MP4 video
  • Decrease and increase the size of video by converting in different formats.

How To Use Camtasia Studio 8.0 Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

So here I share a series of video where you learn step by step use of Camtasia Studio. These all videos are recorded through this software as well. If you watch this course completely I ensure you enjoy and your feedback on the comment tell me the real importance of this course. This course is also available on YouTube but if first, you have to open it by click on YouTube option. If you are blocked from using YouTube then use the software ZenMate extension for Chrome Browser. So now its time to watch the complete course video tutorial:

I hope after watching the complete video tutorial you learned a lot of new things today.

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